CRM Light Technical Overview

System overview and technical requirements

System Overview

Number of Sales Accounts: Unlimited
Number of Purchase Accounts: Unlimited
Number of Prospects: Unlimited
NUmber of Contacts per Account: Unlimited
Number of Activities (i.e. history records per account): Unlimited
Number of Users: Minimum 25 (no upper limit)
Accessed by: Windows Computers, tablets, iPads and smartphones


CRM Light is written using Microsoft Visual Studio ASP.NET 4.5 with C# code aimed at HTML 5 & CSS 3 supported browsers, although the system is also backwards compatible with earlier browsers. The database is Microsoft Standard 2012/2014.


We recommend a HTML 5 CSS 3 supported browser, such as Internet Explorer v9 or later, although CRM Light has been successfully tested with earlier versions of Internet Explorer and various versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

No software needs to be loaded on the end user computer to operate CRM Light - all the activity occurs within the browser. Windows Phone may also be used (v8.1 and later) as a client machine.


CRM Light is available in two forms. If you have cloud-based Sage 200 Extra or are using Sage 200 Standard Online, we will host the CRM Light for you and link it to Sage. There is no additional cost for this.

If you have LAN-based Sage 200 Extra, you can either have us host CRM Light for you or have it installed to your LAN. In this second case, you will need IIS enabled on one of your servers and the CRM Light database will be homed on your SQL server.