Upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200

Benefits of Sage 200 when Your Business Outgrows Sage 50

Are you outgrowing Sage 50?

As your business grows, you will face new challenges such as an increasing number of transactions and more complicated business processes. As a result, more Sage 50 customers are making the move to Sage 200.

Key signs you may need to upgrade from Sage 50

  1. You experience software instability and repeated episodes of data corruption
  2. You’re experiencing performance degradation due to an increased number of users and higher volume of transactions
  3. Your business processes have transformed and are difficult to manage with Sage 50 software
  4. You need to connect with an industry-specific solution you currently use
  5. You require more sophisticated stock handling capabilities, including multiple warehouses, bin locations and batch / serial traceability
  6. You need refined management reporting - fast, flexible and delivered to desktops on demand

Sage offers software to suit everyone, and many of our customers stick with us throughout that growth journey. This means we’re in a great position to help businesses identify when it’s time to take your software up a level.

Can I transfer my data from accounting packages like Sage 50, Xero, or QuickBooks to Sage 200 ERP?

Yes, we use various migration tools and services to help you seamlessly transfer your data from accounting packages like Sage 50, Xero, or QuickBooks. This ensures a smooth transition and minimises any disruption to your business operations. Paradise's expert support team can assist you throughout the data migration process to ensure a successful upgrade to Sage 200 ERP.

Compare Sage 50 with Sage 200

Click on a function below to expand the side by side Sage product comparison: 

Feature Sage 50 Sage 200 Professional
Invoicing ✔ (Free text invoicing available with Financials suite. Stock and free text invoicing available with Commercials suite)
Business Intelligence
Manufacturing ✔ (Cim50 Manufacturing)
Project Accounting
Bill of Materials ✔ Simple ✔ Advanced
Web, Timesheets and Expenses
Customisation - 3rd party add ons ✔ 3rd party only
Excel Reporting Integrated reporting using Sage reports. Report on comprehensive data and perform more detailed analysis within the familiar format of Microsoft Excel.
Multi-company Consolidation ✔ UK currency ✔ Multi currency
Management Reporting Transactional management reports also available for Profit and Loss, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet. Profit and Loss, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet reporting based on financial periods.
Making Tax Digital Ready
GDPR Reports
Price and Discount Management Customer and supplier pricing, % discount, value and quantity discounts (limited to 10). Customer and supplier pricing, customer % discount, value and quantity discounts (unlimited), discount on product groups. Limited Price Bands.
Sage 50 Payroll Integration
Process Receipt Currency Invoice currency Any currency
Number of Analysis Codes 3 per record type 20 (modular)
Outlook 365 - Contacts app
Document Storage Store docs to One Drive Store docs to One Drive or Dropbox

Feature Sage 50 Sage 200 Professional
Nominal Structure Single (departments only) Hierarchical - Cost Centres and Departments
Full Closed Period Accounting Lock date only
Number of Accounting Periods 12 (fixed-calendar monthly) Up to 20 (based on date)
User Definable Open Periods
Group and Memo Nominal Code Types
Budget v Actual Reporting
Invoice Payments
Bank Feeds
Bank Feed Rules
Pegg (retired 01/07/2020)

Feature Sage 50 Sage 200 Professional
Generate Payments Suggested Payments based on invoice value and creditor criteria or priority supplier. Suggested Payments. Multiple payment groups. Outstanding invoices (based on criteria). Unlimited payment groups.
Definable Ageing Periods ✔ (days or months)  ✔ (days or months)
Number of Contacts Unlimited Unlimited
Attach / Scan Documents to Purchase Invoices and Credit Notes
Purchase Invoice Authorisation

Feature Sage 50 Sage 200 Professional
Number of Contacts Unlimited Unlimited
Definable Ageing Periods ✔ (days or months)  ✔ (days or months)

Feature Sage 50 Sage 200 Professional
Stock Requirements Standard stock allocation, re-order levels and quantities. Complex e.g. allocation rules, stock write off categories and analysis, cyclical stock takes.
Multi-location Stock
Multiple Stock Bins
Stock - Integration with Nominal Ledger
Stock - Cost of Sales Postings
Landed Costs
Batch / Serial Number Traceability
Multiple Suppliers per Stock Item
Units of Measure Complex

Feature Sage 50 Sage 200 Professional
Sales Order Processing Requirements Create orders, allocate stock, update stock levels, despatch in several stages and create despatch notes. Complex e.g. Cancelled Order Line History, Allocate by Order Priority, Requested and Promised Delivery Dates.
Cross Selling Items
Preferred Items
Alternative Items
Sales Returns
Pro Formas

Feature Sage 50 Sage 200 Professional
Purchase Order Processing Requirements Create purchase orders, stock updated when goods received, deliver goods in several stages and print Goods Received Notes. Complex Purchase Order requirements - e.g. Back to back ordering, cancelled order line history, rules-based batch purchase order generation.
Purchase Returns
Remote Purchase Order Authorisation
Purchase Order Authorisation Notifications
Purchase Requisitions
Purchase Requisitions Remote Authorisation

Take control of your financial position with Sage 200. For more information about upgrading to Sage 200, call your local Sage Partner, Paradise Computing, on 01604 955900.

Upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200

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