Specialist ERP & Training Services for MSPs

Proud to serve MSPs with the same dedication and expertise that we apply to our own operations

ERP Solutions

ERP upgrades, migration and technical support for your clients

Software Development

Bespoke software development and API services

Cloud Hosting

ERP cloud hosting or advice for your own platform

Training Courses

Microsoft 365 end-user Training to increase ‘active users’

MSP Collaboration for Better Client Outcomes

Paradise Computing, established in 1987, is an award winning IT solutions partner based in Northampton. We support Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with tailored IT solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & Sage 200 ERP, bespoke software development, and client training courses. Trust is at the core of our services, reinforced by long-term relationships, mutual respect, and a non-solicitation agreement. We only assist with the tasks you assign us to do, ensuring your clients remain yours.

MSP Added Value Services

We believe in the power of collaboration and creating a robust business support network. Our vision is to
empower MSPs to expand their service offerings with bespoke ERP solutions and comprehensive training
courses. By helping MSPs deliver more tailored services, we aim to foster business growth and enhance client loyalty. Our goal is to create a wider ecosystem of complementary services, building a community where technology and support drive sustainable growth and long-term client engagement.

ERP upgrades, migration and technical support

Enhance your Managed Service Provider (MSP) offerings with our expert ERP services. At Paradise Computing, we specialise in ERP upgrades, seamless migration, and comprehensive technical support tailored for MSPs. By partnering with us, you can offer your clients a fully rounded service, ensuring they have access to trusted ERP solutions without needing to look elsewhere. This not only boosts client satisfaction and loyalty but also prevents the risk of them seeking alternative providers and potentially taking away all their business. Trust us to provide the technical expertise that keeps your ERP solutions running smoothly and efficiently, strengthening your client relationships and solidifying your position as a trusted MSP.

Bespoke software development and API services

We specialise in creating tailored software solutions and seamless API integrations. By referring to a trusted partner like us, you can provide your clients with customised solutions that perfectly meet their unique needs, avoiding the need for them to seek services elsewhere. Trust our expertise to deliver innovative software solutions that enhance your service offerings and strengthen your position as a reliable MSP.

ERP cloud hosting or advice for your own platform

We provide specialised ERP cloud hosting services and expert advice for MSPs managing their own platforms. Our ERP cloud hosting solutions ensure your clients benefit from secure, scalable, and high-performance environments tailored to their specific needs. For MSPs with their own hosting infrastructure, we offer strategic advice and support to optimise your ERP platform, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability. Partnering with us allows you to deliver exceptional cloud-based ERP services, enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty while safeguarding your competitive edge in the market. Trust our expertise to elevate your cloud hosting capabilities and provide unparalleled service to your clients.

Microsoft 365 end-user Training to increase ‘active users’

We deliver comprehensive Microsoft 365 end-user training designed to increase ‘active users’ and maximise the value of the licences sold. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, it is crucial to ensure your clients fully utilise their Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Our targeted training programmes empower users with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively use Microsoft 365 tools, from Teams, to Excel and Power BI, boosting productivity and engagement. By enhancing user proficiency, you not only increase the number of active users but also improve client satisfaction and retention. Trust our expertise to deliver effective training solutions that support your business growth and strengthen your client relationships.

Flexible billing and partnership options to suit your MSP business

At Paradise Computing, we understand the importance of flexibility in managing client relationships and billing. We offer easy options to suit both you and your clients:

  • Billing Flexibility: Choose between two convenient billing methods. We can bill you directly, allowing you to invoice your client, or we can invoice your client directly on your behalf.
  • White-Labelled or Referral Basis: Our services can be provided under your brand as white-labelled solutions, or we can operate on a referral basis, depending on what best fits your business model.
  • Client Protection: To reassure you that your clients are safe with us, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and a non-solicitation agreement. This guarantees that we will not take your clients' business from you, safeguarding your relationships and business interests. This 

Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility and security needed to enhance your service offerings and maintain strong client relationships.

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