Microsoft Teams

Ground Breaking Collaboration Tools

COVID-19 continues to keep many office doors closed, but technology has the power to help you keep your business running through virtual and digital resources.

Even before the pandemic, this leading communications marketing company understood the importance of adopting technology so they could communicate virtually. For them, it was a matter of keeping their team connected across various countries around the globe. To drive business success, they needed to be able to easily collaborate and keep in touch with one another. Additionally, they needed to stay connected with their clients—and Microsoft Teams is an easy way for them to do that because of its universality.

Microsoft Teams has helped this company drive success by providing a platform for digital collaboration and communication. See how employees at this global marketing communication company used #MicrosoftTeams to stay connected around the world. 

This video shows how a global leader in marketing communications uses Microsoft Teams to increase collaboration across their entire organization. Teams help them create a global, modern workplace so the company can innovate at the speed of culture. With this tool, they can stay connected and easily collaborate across different geographies.

Wondering how Microsoft Teams could help you stay connected to employees and customers during this challenging time? Paradise Computing can help you unlock the power of Teams today!

For more information on MS Teams and to learn what it can for your business, call your Microsoft Gold Partner, Paradise Computing on 01604 655900 or send us a message using our online contact form.

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