Software Development Tailored to Your Needs

By Cameren Birch-Ghose

Tailoring ERP software to fit your needs

When investing in a premium suit, you of course expect superior quality, however sometimes a new suit still requires tailoring to achieve the perfect fit. Similarly, when acquiring new ERP software, it's vital to consider how it can be tailored to suit your business. 

The business world is constantly evolving and changing, and so are your business needs. Therefore, at Paradise, our in-house software development team focuses on creating bespoke solutions that fit your business’s unique requirements. As experienced Microsoft and Sage application developers, we design, develop, and deliver the perfect bespoke software development service to optimise your business and deliver results.

It’s not just about trying to fix one or two problems – by investing in bespoke solutions you can improve the efficiency of your entire organisation. A custom software solution can streamline your business processes and increase productivity by automating complex or repetitive tasks. This lets you save time and money in addition to reducing the risk of errors. 

Northamptonshire software development services

Our dedicated in-house team members are experts in web, mobile and desktop application development. We can create customised add-ons that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, such as Sage 200.

Paradise has experience creating bespoke solutions for a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing and distribution to construction. For instance, the following case study highlights how a Northampton-based shoe manufacturing company benefited from a customised web-based solution designed for Sage 200.

The customer already had Sage 200, and an elderly bespoke solution which duplicated many of the standard features of Sage 200 (orders, stock, Bill of Materials, etc). Therefore, we developed a web-based solution to pick up data from a Sage 200 sales order and expand this into a full shoe definition by adding a significant number of variables concerning shoe type, size, manufacture, etc.

The “Ticket” would then track through the production stages acting as a Works Order until such a time as the finished pair could be booked into stock, at which time standard Sage 200 functionality could be used to despatch and invoice the order.

As well as replacing the slow and cumbersome old bespoke, this approach allowed the customer to upgrade their very out-of-date Sage 200. The ease of access to the web application opened up reporting and access to a wider range of staff, and the new application generates emails to notify staff and customers of significant events saving on a lot of previously manual administration.

Find the solution that's the perfect fit

In the same way that a tailor can adjust a new suit to your specific measurements, bespoke software solutions can be customised to meet your unique business requirements to achieve a perfect fit. Furthermore, the cost of buying a tailored suit is usually higher than buying off the rack, but a perfect-fitting quality suit will last you many years. Similarly, bespoke software solutions may require more investment upfront, but the decision will inevitably prove to be more cost-effective in the long run, as custom solutions are built to meet your exact requirements, reducing the need for ongoing licensing fees and the costs associated with adapting off-the-shelf software.

To discover how Paradise can design bespoke software solutions to suit your business needs, call us on 01604 655900 or message us using our contact form.

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