Material & Resource Planning

Create suggested works and purchase orders

Create suggested works & purchase orders

Material and Resource Planning is designed specifically for Sage 200. Based on material demand from sales and purchase orders, forecast sales orders, free stock and min stock levels plus the Sicon Works Orders module, a list of suggested works orders and suggested purchase orders are created. Weekly labour and machine capacity demand is created from Works Orders and generates a rough cut capacity plan.

The Sicon Material and Resource Planning module provides a manufacturing solution including suggested works orders, suggested purchase orders and more.


Material Planning
  • Create suggested works orders and suggested purchase orders to replenish stock shortages now and planned into the future
  • Shortages are derived from outstanding works orders, sales orders, kits, stock transfers purchase orders, fore Orders and min stock levels
  • Purchase order suggestions are driven by supplier lead time, usual and min order quantities.
  • Works order due dates are based on supplier and production lead times
Resource & Capacity Planning
  • Create departments and routings that emulate your business process
  • Link Labour Register items to departments
  • Set available hours per Labour Register item at weekly or daily level
  • Create daily/weekly graphical schedule for labour and machine capacity
  • Graphical drill down plan shows labour and machine availability
  • Drill down to amend works order dates to smooth overloads
  • Calculate the next possible delivery date from sales order processing for manufactured items based on capacities and material availability
  • GANT Chart and critical path for planning production workload
  • Plan capacity by labour, machine and production are Create availabilities for labour and machine resources taking into account shutdown, maintenance periods and holiday
  • Calendar view with drag and drop interface to adjust the production plan by moving works orders and sub-assemblies in real time
  • Daily works order list showing todays, tomorrow and overdue workload

Material & Resource Planning for Sage 200

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