Shop Floor Data Capture for Sage 200 ERP

Realtime capture of operation progress and elapsed times

Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture App: Revolutionising Operation Management and Barcoding

Seamlessly Integrate Real-Time Data Capture into Your Workflow with Sage 200

The Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) App is a game-changer for businesses seeking efficient and accurate tracking of work order processes and job costing. This innovative application, fully integrated within Sage, brings the power of real-time data capture to your fingertips.

Key Features of the Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture add-on for Sage 200

  1. Real-Time Operation Tracking: Monitor operation progress and times with precision.
  2. Barcode Route Cards: Simplify time tracking by scanning barcodes for each operation.
  3. Android Compatibility: The app runs on any Android device (OS 4.2 and above).
  4. Time & Attendance Recording: Easily record time and attendance data upon arrival and departure.
  5. Instant Updates: Real-time updates to works orders and job costing operations.
  6. Effortless Timesheet Creation: Users can generate complete timesheets by selecting activities throughout the day.
  7. Integration with Sicon Timesheets: Seamless connectivity with common Sicon Timesheets.
  8. Customisable Reports: Utilise Sage 200 report designer layouts for printing route cards.

Ideal for Sage 200 Users in Manufacturing Production Environments

The SFDC app is perfectly suited for production settings where time and efficiency are of the essence. With the ease of barcode scanning and real-time updates, managing work orders and job operations becomes significantly streamlined.

Additional Licensing Information

  • User License: An additional user license is required per SFDC user.

Requirements for Optimal Use of SFDC

  • Wireless Network: Ensure coverage in all warehouse areas.
  • Handset or Terminal Hardware: Choose from a range of compatible Android devices.
  • Recommended Device: Consider the JM Prime 10” touchscreen (JM-1020T) for a wall or bench mounting option, complete with USB ports for barcode scanner connectivity (Tablet approx. £350, USB Scanner approx. £30).
  • Windows 10 Compatibility: SFDC is also available as a Windows 10 app, suitable for laptops and PCs with a USB barcode scanner.

Transform Your Shop Floor Operations with the Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture App for Sage 200

Contact Paradise Computing to integrate the Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture App for Sage 200 into your business operations. Streamline your processes, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead with real-time data management.

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Shop Floor Data Capture for Sage 200

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