Works Order Processing for Stock Control in Sage 200 ERP

Simplified stock allocation and issuing process

Works Order Processing (WOP) for Sage 200: Streamlining Manufacturing Operations

Unlock Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities with Sicon WOP and Sage 200 Integration

Sicon Works Order Processing (WOP) is tailor-made for Sage 200, enhancing its Bill of Materials (BOM) and Sage 200 Stock Control functionalities. This integration is a boon for manufacturing clients who require a streamlined stock allocation and issuing process, with the flexibility to amend works orders during assembly.

Advanced Features of Sicon Works Order Processing (WOP)

  1. Seamless Creation of Works Orders: Utilise standard Sage 200 BOMs with version control, or create from WOP templates.
  2. Efficient Stock Allocation and Issue: Enjoy full Sage 200 traceability support with the option for detailed allocation.
  3. Flexible Amendment Capabilities: Add or remove components, labour, and machine items as needed.
  4. Back Flush Processing: Implement across linked Works Orders, supporting traceable items.
  5. Over-Run Management: Easily book over-runs to stock without extra component additions.
  6. Accurate Costing: Utilise standard component costing methods for precise cost roll-ups.
  7. Inclusion of Non-Stock Items: Add items to works orders for subcontractor costs.
  8. Multi-Level BOM Handling: Option to convert complex BOMs into a single Works Order list.
  9. Stock Shortage Identification: Reports and material planning routines include Works Order stock shortages.
  10. Comprehensive Stock Transaction History: Sage stock transaction history reflects WOP issues and bookings.
  11. Integration with Jobs: Link works orders to jobs for aggregated costing of complex builds.
  12. Barcode and Warehousing Module Integration: Facilitates efficient picking of Works Orders.

Enhanced Estimating Features

  • Robust Estimates Creation: Build estimates from Sage 200 BOM or from scratch.
  • Detailed Costing Elements: Include components, labour, machine, comments, and non-stock costs for precise finished product cost estimates.
  • Future Pricing Flexibility: Enter future buy prices in estimates, differing from current Sage buy prices.
  • Versatile Conversion Options: Generate Works Orders, Jobs, or both from an estimate.
  • Sales Order Quotation Linking: Create and link estimates to sales order quotations, with pricing derived from component selling prices or mark-up on work order elements.

Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Sicon WOP for Sage 200

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Optimise your manufacturing operations with the advanced capabilities of Sicon Works Order Processing for Sage 200

Works Order Processing for Sage 200

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