CL200: Connect Live to Sage 200

Data Viewer & Task Manager

Data Viewer & Task Manager for Sage 200

Optimise your valuable Sage 200 information with this easy-to-use Data Viewer and Task Manager. CL200 allows all your staff to view your Sage 200 Professional data in real-time.

This centralised tool allows your whole team to collaborate effectively with shared files, view live Sage 200 account data, manage scheduled tasks and nurture your valuable prospect, customer and supplier relationships.

Dynamic dashboards display real-time business intelligence. With a simple click you can drill down to access customer invoices and order history, without the need for additional Sage 200 licenses.

With no complex onboarding or steep learning curve, deployment is quick, painless and cost effective.

With its responsive design and simple interface, your whole team can be fully up and running from day one, working from any location, at anytime, on most mobile devices.

Connect Live to Sage 200 with CL200

CL200 - Data Viewer & Task Manager

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