8 November 2023 - MTC Tour

8 November 2023 - MTC Tour

STEM Day Tour of MTC

8 November  2023 | 9:30am - 1pm | Pilot Way, Ansty Park, Coventry CV7 9JU

Empowering Manufacturing Excellence through Technology

To celebrate STEM Day, join us at the manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry for a behind the scenes tour of their state of the art facility!

Free parking, lunch and refreshments are provided.

Join us for an exclusive STEM Day Tour at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, an event that promises to be a cornerstone for manufacturing businesses in Northamptonshire, the Midlands and beyond. This is your golden opportunity to witness the future of manufacturing technology, gain valuable insights, and network with industry leaders.


Why You Should Attend

🔐 Trust in Technology: Paradise Computing, your local IT Solutions Provider with over three decades of expertise, will kick off the day with a welcome talk. We'll delve into the critical importance of choosing a trusted technology solutions provider for ERP , Cloud & Cybersecurity in today's digital age.

🌿 Sustainability Focus: MTC will present a compelling talk on sustainability in manufacturing, offering actionable insights to make your operations more eco-friendly.

🔍 Energy-Saving Audit: Exclusive to attendees, receive a complimentary energy-saving audit that could revolutionise your cost structure and environmental impact.

🛠️ Apprenticeships: Learn about the apprenticeship programs available in manufacturing, a fantastic opportunity to cultivate the next generation of skilled workers.

💰 Grants and Funding: Discover the grants available for adopting new manufacturing technologies, a crucial step in staying competitive.

Who Should Attend?

  • Manufacturing Business Owners
  • Finance Directors and Operations Managers
  • Sustainability Officers
  • Local Industry Representatives

Don't miss out on this transformative event that promises not just to inform but to catalyse action. Let's collaborate to make Northamptonshire a hub of manufacturing excellence!

Reserve Your Spot Today! Time is of the essence, and seats are limited.


About the MTC

The MTC was established in 2010 as an independent Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) to help bridge the gap and create more meaningful and beneficial links between academia and industry to aid the growth of UK manufacturing.

Today, the MTC has over 800 employees, 100 industrial members, turns over around £100m and operates from sites in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, South East London, Bristol and Liverpool.

Supported by the Government along with our partners in the Catapult, Innovate UK and our founding universities, we have been able to work alongside our Members and industrial partners to deliver world leading innovation to the broadest range of UK based businesses from OEM’s and large scale global manufacturers through to SMEs and new start-ups.

As our footprint has grown across the UK we have been able to directly influence and support more and more advanced engineering businesses and manufacturers as we work collaboratively to drive the innovation and competitiveness of UK manufacturing.


Security Requirements

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) is a high-tech facility that often collaborates with various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and defence, among others. These sectors frequently involve sensitive information, proprietary technologies, and sometimes even national security implications. Therefore, security checks are a necessary protocol.

Please be aware that delegates will be required to present ID - either a passport or both a photo driving licence and birth certificate - to attend this event, as security checks will be undertaken. Further information will be shared in the joining instructions.

Individuals with a place of birth from one of the following countries, unfortunately, are not currently permitted access to the MTC workshop tour, although you are welcome to attend the pre-tour presentation and lunch:

  • China (including Macau, Tibet & Hong Kong)
  • Belarus
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • Syria
  • Ukraine

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