Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Rachmann Joubert

Today, we’re getting to know our newest Sage Support Specialist, Rachmann Joubert. Rachmann works on our Sage helpdesk supporting our clients using Sage 200 ERP software.

Meet the Team: Rachmann Joubert

Rachmann, what does a typical workday look like for you?

As a Sage Support Specialist, my main role is providing Sage 200 support to our clients. For me, this includes answering queries and helping our clients resolve issues, and I also deal with database management and carrying out more complex sequel reporting.

I’m also starting to get more involved with bespoke software development, which I find fascinating. I’m really interested in how our software development team at Paradise can create brand-new software add-ons which integrate with Sage 200 (which is a very compatible system) to enable us to meet our clients’ requirements and help them achieve their business goals. Software development lets us create brand-new, bespoke solutions to solve problems and I find that fascinating. 

Tell us a bit about your background before joining Paradise.

So before joining Paradise, I was a software developer for a large company where I spent a lot of time working on large-scale software development projects. Since then, I have done a lot of freelance development work here and there, because it’s a passion of mine. It’s really what I find the most interesting in my role and it’s a big part of what drew me to Paradise in the first place – building solutions.

What's been your biggest achievement with Paradise so far?

Obviously, I’ve not been at Paradise for very long and I’m now getting to the point where I’m having meaningful project work assigned to me aside from normal Sage support, so I’m sure in the near future there’s going to be plenty of achievements! But I’d say my biggest achievement so far is going through the Sage 200 Academy, where I achieved three accreditations which were installations, commercials and financials. I also made connections with fellow students and supportive people from Sage, and I’m grateful for the opportunity because it really expedited the process of becoming proficient with Sage 200.

Why did you decide to join Paradise?

So, when I was working at my previous company, one of the biggest downsides for me, especially when I was trying to start a tech-related career, was that it was such a massive company. It felt very easy for me to get lost and there wasn't a massive support network. Because of this experience, I was very drawn to working in a smaller organisation where my contributions would be valued and meaningful, and I could rely on a supportive and collaborative team.

As you know, our company values are: Professionalism, Reliability, Originality, Understanding and Dedication – which one speaks to you the most?

I mean, I think all of them are very valuable, but it’s important to be reliable and deliver great results consistently. You need to ensure that customers can rely on you to fix issues and learn to fix issues when you don’t necessarily know how to solve them straight away. Also, in my opinion, there’s no point in behaving incredibly professionally once or twice, we need to consistently demonstrate all of our values – that’s what makes us reliable.

How do you like to spend your free time, do you have any hobbies?

Yes, I’ve always really liked to keep fish, I’m a massive fish nerd! I find it incredibly interesting to craft an environment that’s entirely dependent on you. I’m keeping tropical fish at the moment, but I’ve had marine fish before, it’s generally an expensive hobby but it's very cool!

Another hobby of mine is rock climbing, I’ve started getting back into it since the pandemic, and I also do lots of walking with my three dogs. I find it really enjoyable, and we’ve been walking a lot since I started training for the 100km Ultra Challenge.

Are you looking forward to the Ultra Challenge?

I imagine the closer we get to the challenge, the more worried I’ll become! But up to this point I’ve been feeling pretty confident. I’ve always really enjoyed walking; I’m not bothered if I miss my bus and have to walk two and a half hours to get home!

I've always wanted to start doing more adventurous walks that aren’t just, you know, taking the dog for a nice little stroll. So, I think this is a fantastic opportunity to try something more exciting and challenging, and I'm hoping that this really kickstarts something in me!

To sponsor Rachmann for the Ultra Challenge, please visit his Just Giving page here, and to discover how Sage 200 can improve your business efficiency, call us on 01604 655900. 

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