Ultra Challenge 2024

Taking on the Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge 2024!

Taking on the Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge 2024!

This week, we’re saying a big Well Done to our Ultra Challenge team who took on the Jurassic Coast 100km Ultra Challenge this weekend! After a few days of much-needed rest, the team arrived safely back in the office with some shiny new medals!

The team travelled down to Dorset on Friday afternoon in a minibus kindly provided for the event by Listers Volkswagen Evesham. The team had an early night and started the hike in the early hours of Saturday morning. Along the way, they passed stunning coastal views and impressive landmarks like Corfe Castle and Durdle Door and had some exciting encounters with the local wildlife!       


In the end, Alex completed the full 100km hike in 22 hours and 45 minutes – beating the time of his first attempt! Robert achieved an impressive distance of 60km – despite being determined to finish the hike, he was tragically beaten by the hiker’s biggest enemy – blisters! Rachmann achieved a distance of 42km and Ashley and Gareth reached 25km, unfortunately, they sustained injuries which meant that despite trying to keep going, it was unsafe for them to complete the hike. But regardless of how far they got, all team members approached this extraordinary challenge with determination, fearlessness and strength, and exemplified dedication and perseverance.

How are the team feeling after the challenge? 

Alex: After 5 months of training for the Ultra Challenge, I was very happy to finish it within the time limit. I completed the 100 kilometres in 22 hrs and 45 mins, with 2,588m of ascent, 7,500 calories burnt and 141,494 steps! Feeling very tired now though, it’s such a physically and mentally draining event. 

Robert: It was enjoyable but it was a challenge, I was frustrated I couldn't finish the whole 100 km due to blistering on my feet. During the walk, we did see some interesting things like a fireman climbing a hill dressed in his full heavy kit, and we came up close to some lazy cows blocking the path. 

Gareth: Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish the challenge due to my knee injury, but like Rob, I’d love to come back next year and give it another go. I’m going to train harder, starting off with regular 10km walks and building up to 50km and eventually 100km. 

Ashley: Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great experience for me. I got some sharp stabbing pains in my left foot from about 15 km in, made it to 25 km. However, I would like to try again but I would definitely want to do it with some more training behind me. 

Rachmann: It went really well! It was great to see how much I'd managed to improve from all the training I did to prepare. The only downside was getting caught in a storm that left me soaking wet and chilled to the bone!

What did the team learn from the challenge? 

Robert: The main thing I learnt from it was that the right equipment makes a difference.

Alex: I've discovered some useful tricks, such as doubling up on socks to avoid blisters, I swear by Danish Endurance socks which are made from merino wool. I also find it handy to keep a hydration pack in my Osprey backpack so I don't have to keep stopping to get water out of my bag. Next time I'll be wearing a Sahara hat to keep the sun off my neck - very fashionable! 

Gareth: Definitely to bring better footwear – I’ll be investing in some better hiking boots with ankle support to avoid twisted ankles - I’ve been told that Berghaus Hiking boots are very reliable. 

Rachmann: The biggest lesson I learned was that if rain is predicted then pack a towel, as I managed to get drenched in a thunderstorm! Also, next time I will definitely pack lighter.

Supporting the NSPCC

A big thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to the NSPCC fundraiser! Many thanks to the Sage Foundation who have generously contributed £1500 in matched funding to the cause - together we have raised over £3000 to support the NSPCC in their mission to end child abuse and support children and families across the country. There’s still time to donate to the fundraiser here.

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